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  • Tooth dream is one of the most frequent and emotionally impacting dreams. See various interpretations of this dream here.
    General Dream meaning – Tooth Dream
    Firstly, if you like your white beautiful teeth […]

  • Panic Dream – General meaning
    Seeing Panic Dream means that in the real life you are not sure that you make right decisions. You are scared to take responsibilities. However you will be able to cope with […]

  • Exam Dream – General Meaning
    Exam Dream means you should revise your views as it seems they are wrong.

    To be at exam in your dream means that in reality you are preparing to something important, requiring […]

  • Toilet Dream – General Meaning
    If you see a toilet dream means you should get rid of everything you do not need in life. In general, a toilet is a place of getting cleaner and healthier, getting rid of worries […]

  • Inappropriately Dressed Dream – General meaning
    In many cases dreamers see themselves nude in the public places. See the article Nude Dream. Otherwise see the meaning of an inappropriately dressed dream […]

  • Actress Dream – General Dream Meaning
    What does the actress dream generally mean?
    To see poor strolling actors means changes to the bad in your business. Crying and grieving actors mean that your friend may […]

  • Nude Dream – General Dream meaning
    Various dream dictionaries interpret dreams about being nude (nude dream) differently. Some says it means you will feel embarrassed or will behave against ethics. Others say it […]

  • Embarrassment Dream – General Meaning
    Embarrassment dream means you will get compliments or honour.

    Contrary, if you make someone else embarrassed it means that you self esteem is unreasonably high.

    In […]

  • Door Dream – General Meaning
    Door dream means you have a good chance for travelling or to learn more about your personality. Open door means signal to start something. From the other hand shut door means you […]

  • Floor Dream – General meaning
    Floor dream means care and support from others.

    You should notice details of the floor to understand what this dream symbol may mean for you. For example, floor can be slippery. […]

  • Dresser Dream – General meaning
    Dresser dream means fight and misunderstanding.

    It may mean that you will disclose a secret. After such dream you may get into the conflict.

    Such dream may also mean love […]

  • Necklace Dream – Autumn Dream dictionary
    Necklace dream where a man who loves you gives you a necklace means your relationship with this man will not be long.
    Necklace Dream – Summer Dream dictionary
    Dream […]

  • Snake Dream – General meaning
    Snake dream normaly warns you about evil in all shapes and forms. If a young woman sees that a dead snake bites her, such dream means she should be careful with a person who she […]

  • You’re in your bedroom looking for your favorite necklace. You check behind the dresser thinking maybe it fell through the cracks. Running your hand along the floor, you hit something round and cold…it looks lik […]

  • Potato Dream – General Meaning
    Seeing potato in the dream says about potential cisrcumstances, which would be rather unfortunate.

    If you dig out potato means success.

    Eating potato is a sign of a potential […]

  • Iron Dream – General meaning
    Iron dream means you are tired and need rest.

    Iron is a appliance, which is used in every house and an “enemy” of the housewives. If you see such dream, then you probably […]

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  • 20 Amazing Facts About Dreaming that You Might Not Know About

    Dreams. Mysterious, bewildering, eye-opening and sometimes a nightmarish living hell: dreams are all that and much more. Here are 20 amazing facts […]

  • For the purpose of this article an Indian mean a person, living in India
    Russian Dream Dictionary – Indian Dream
    To see an Indian in your dream may mean:

    Romantic Nostalgia
    To be scared of […]

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