X-ray Dream

General meaning – X-ray dream X-rays in the dream can stand for unaware influence to which the dreaming is put out and which he must examine. Power the dreaming even the X-ray, so he should maybe take a certain situation more exactly in inspection. The X-ray dream symbol could also express the fear of illness, whether with the dreaming or concerning another person. X-rays can illustrate knowledge which one wins, for example, from the self-research. Sometimes she also symbolizes the fear of it, exposes and sees through to become. Psychology dream dictionary – X-ray dream Because most people were X-rayed already once, the X-ray picture also entered in our dreams. It registers that one would like to get to know a person in the awake life better, –...

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Xerox Dream

New modern dream dictionary – Xerox Dream If you see a Xerox (copying machine) in your dreams it means that many people will get known your secrets. General meaning – Xerox Dream A Xerox Dream may mean that you are often copy other people and starting loosing your individuality. If you copy something on a copying machine in your dream means that you well prepared plans will not bring any results. If you see a copying machine in your dreams it is a warning against a theft, you should also protect your property, belongings and your ideas and views. If you work on a copying machine it means you are not confident how you should resolve existing problems. Bedside dream dictionary – Xerox Dream As odd as the dream about this object might seem,...

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