Wedding Dream

Esop Dream Dictionary – Wedding Dream The Wedding Dream – There are a lot of emotions associated with this wonderful event in a one’s life as well as many signs, which may interpret the new couple’s future: “The snow and  rain on the wedding ceremony means rich life”, “Beautiful weather on a wedding day means […]

Wizard Dream

If you see a Wizard Dream,  the dictionary can help you to interpret Miller’s dream dictionary – Wizard Dream To meet wizard means change of the social status. For young people such dream means loses or breaking of engagement. Hasse’s dream dictionary – Wizard Dream To deal with the woman wizard means envy and unexpected. […]

Wave Dream

Wave Dream – Miller’s dream dictionary What the wave dream means: to see clear waves says to you that your decisiveness will bring good results; muddy waves mean fateful mistake. Wave Dream – Slavyan dream dictionary Waves in your dreams mean barriers in something you are doing. Waves breaking on the shore mean you will […]

Wolf Dream

Wolf Dream – Islamic dream dictionary This is what wolf dream means in the Islamic dictionary: If a fierce wolf is sitting without move means constructive meeting with the government servant. Also if you see a wolf eating meet means you will be in a situation, which is disadvantageous for you. Slavyan dream dictionary A […]

War Dream

Miller’s dream dictionary – War Dream To see war dream in your means disagreement in your house. For a young woman to see that she sends off her beloved to a war means she will get known something unpleasant about his character. To lose in a war means social and political frictions. To win in a […]

Waterfall Dream

Waterfall Dream – General Dream meaning What does Waterfall dream mean? Fine, waterfalls are beautiful amazing creatures of nature: from small tropical waterfalls till cascades of Niagara. Eternally falling water and its sound causes magical feelings. It attracts looks and entertain minds. As well as stream, sparks and ponds underneath. Supposedly waterfalls in the dreams […]

Water Dream

Assyrian dream dictionary Be in still, quite water means that you will win in a legal process. Struggle in turbulent high water means challenging legal process or being sick. To drink water from a river means huge income; from spring or well – wealth, from a runnel – having arguments with someone Islamic dream dictionary […]

White Dream

  White colour in dress means sad circumstances, death, tears. White colour in objecs means roubles, negaive consequences from those objects. White curtains, table cloths means losses, strokes of bad luck. White bedding means happy end of whatever you start. White dog means you will receive an attractive offer. White cat means enemies will try […]

Whiskers Dream

  To have whiskers for a man means satisfaction. To shave them means problems. If woman see herself with whiskers means she will have many problems. If you would like to learn more about your Whiskers Dream get your personal Dream Interpretation by clicking below.   If you liked this Dream Interpretation please share it […]

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