Tooth Dream

Tooth dream is one of the most frequent and emotionally impacting dreams. See various interpretations of this dream here. General Dream meaning – Tooth Dream Firstly, if you like your white beautiful teeth means you will be satisfied by your achievements. Secondly, in case if you see child’s teeth it may have following meanings: Where […]

Toilet Dream

Toilet Dream – General Meaning If you see a toilet dream means you should get rid of everything you do not need in life. In general, a toilet is a place of getting cleaner and healthier, getting rid of worries and troubles. There is however a negative meaning of that dream. It simply may mean […]

Thief Dream

Islamic dream dictionary – Thief Dream To see thieves coming into the jail without force means disaster. Miller’s dream dictionary To see yourself as a thief running away from people means bad luck; if you have not been caught means success in business. To catch a thief means you will defeat enemies. If something was […]

Twins Dream

  To see twins means you will get your own kids. To be a parent of twins means big family celebration event. To see twins means confidentce in doing business. To meet your own twin means you do not care about yourself well. For a woman to see twins means your family will grow. For […]

Turquoise Dream

  To see turquoise means your dream will realise. For a woman to steal turquoise means barriers in love affairs. To see turquoise means win and long life. To see turquoise means unexpectedly meet someone. If you would like to learn more about your Turquoise Dream get your personal Dream Interpretation by clicking below.   […]

Trousers Dream

  To see trousers means you will be forced to dishonorable actions. To put on trousers inside out means you will be charmed by someone. For a woman to put on men trousers means she will have to earn money herself. For a man to lose trousers means you will be completely under your wife’s […]

Tramp Dream

  To be a tramp means poverty and suffering. To see tramps mean people surrounding you influence on you in a bad way. To be a tramp means fear and anxiety. To see a tramp means changes. To feel sorry to a tramp means bed news. If a tramp attacked you it means you will […]

Tower Dream

  To take stairs up the tower means fortune in everything. To climb the tower means success. If a tower destoryed straigh after you descented it means disappointment. To stand between ruins of a tower means rash actions will destroy your hapiness. To jump from the high rise tower and survive means you should take […]

Tonsillitis Dream

  If you got tonsillitis means you will have boring depressing job. If others have tonsillitis means the illness will become a cause of the serious anxiety. If you would like to learn more about your Tonsillitis Dream get your personal Dream Interpretation by clicking below.   If you liked this Dream Interpretation please share […]

Ticket Dream

  Transport ticket means fuss and bustles. To lose a ticket means bad luck. To buy a train ticket means undesired guest. To lose a train ticket means big profit. To see a term transport ticket means good luck and happy circumstances. To receive or to book a ticket means long waited success in business. […]

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