Running Dream

¬†Running Dream – General Meaning What is the running dream meaning? If you have a running dream and enjoy running means you are healthy and in goo physical and sexual condition. If you are exhausted from running means you are anoyed and depressed by the sexual life with your partner. If you stumbled or fell […]

Roll (Bun) Dream

  To buy a roll means profit. To cut a roll means you will be able to save an achievement. To see a roll means visitors. To eat a roll means good health, profit. To bake a roll means joy, profit. For a poor person to buy a roll means profit; for a rich one […]

Rage Dream

  To see someone in rage means you should be careful of problems or you might be anxious. To be in rage yourself means you should control your urges or it may also mean happiness. To be in rage means falling down or accident. To see others in rage means external circumstances will delay development […]

Rabbit Dream

Rabbit Dream General Dream Meaning – Rabbit Dream Rabbit Dream meaning.¬† Rabbit is a symbol of fertility, sexuality, the role of victim, tender, weak, vulnerable, unprotected part of the dreamer. If a rabbit bites you it means your should be careful to be deceived by a close friend. It also may mean the high level […]

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