Panic Dream

Panic Dream – General meaning Seeing Panic Dream means that in the real life you are not sure that you make right decisions. You are scared to take responsibilities. However you will be able to cope with them. If you see a child in the crowed who is in panic, it means you are keeping […]

Potato Dream

Potato Dream – General Meaning Seeing potato in the dream says about potential cisrcumstances, which would be rather unfortunate. If you dig out potato means success. Eating potato is a sign of a potential benefits in something, while cooking it means new good job. If you see yourself planting potato then you should expect that […]

Pumpkin Dream

Pumpkin Dream Modern Dream Dictionary – Pumpkin Dream To see a Pumpkin Dream is for the quiet, comfortable life at home. To dream of a pumpkin  means that you have a mature idea that promises to be very fruitful in the right circumstances. But you’re afraid that you will not be able to implement it alone. Do not […]

Plait Dream

General Meaning – Plait Dream Plait is the most common hairstyle from long hair. In the ancient times (and in some places even now) plaits are worn by both men and women, and now fashion is booming with various styles of braiding. The main symbols associated with the hair plait reflects the internal energy of person and connection with […]

Photocopier Dream

New modern dream dictionary – Photocopier Dream If you see a copying machine in your dreams it means that many people will get known your secrets. General meaning – Photocopier Dream A Copy Machine Dream may mean that you are often copy other people and starting loosing your individuality. If you copy something on a […]

Pregnancy Dream

  For a young woman to see herself pregnant means troubles and damage to reputation. For a pregnant woman it means that delivery will be easy. For a woman for does not expect to be pregnant any time soon means unhappy marriage. To see a pregnant woman means troubles. To see yourself pregnant means you […]

Auto Portrait Dream

  Auto portrait in the broken frame means that you might have health issues. To draw an auto portrait means that you feel that others do not understand you. If you would like to learn more about your Portrait (Auto) Dream get your personal Dream Interpretation by clicking below.   If you liked this Dream […]

Poverty Dream

  To be poor means wealth and benefits. If a poor man chases you it means problems and mess in your business. To drive a poor man away or to be angry with him means success in business. To talk to poor men means you will be blamed in vicious affairs. To see yourself as […]

Swimming Pool Dream

  To swim in a swimming pool is a good sign: for a young woman it means making a really good friend and improving your position in a society. If water is clean and clear it means you will have success in business. If you would like to learn more about your Pool (Swimming) Dream […]

Pool Dream

  To play billiard means troubles. If there is nobody at a billiard tables it means treacherous friends want to hurt you. To play billiard means you should expect fight or adultery from the spouse. If you would like to learn more about your Pool (Billiard) Dream get your personal Dream Interpretation by clicking below. […]

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