Money Dream

Money Dream Noble Dream dictionary – Money Dream To see large amounts of money in a dream means insufficient or reducing income. Large amounts of paper money means good news or realization of desires. Receive money in the dream may mean anxiety or loss. You shall expect trouble. To pay money means  a reward for diligence. To […]

Monster Dream

Family Dream dictionary – Monster Dream If you see a monster,, an animal with many tusks of unusual shape and color it means you should expect many interesting and unexpected things in your life soon. If the monster is trying to attack you, be careful, it is possible that someone is collecting compromising information about you […]

Magician Dream

If you have a Magician Dream then these explanations may help you. Miller’s dream dictionary – Magician Dream To meet magician means change of the social status. For young people such dream means loses or breaking of engagement. Hasse’s dream dictionary To deal with the woman magician means envy and unexpected. Slavyan dream dictionary The […]

Military People Dream

Military People dream – General meaning The most popular interpretation of the Military People dream that you will feel seriously upset. Then the other meanings of this dream: Officer – violence; General – you will get a sponsor; To be a military people yourself – fight with a spouse; Many military people – you will […]

Mutton Dream

  To eat mutton means profit. The fattier the mutton the bigger the profit. If you someone dressing a carcass of a mutton and cooking the mutton means good luck. To eat mutton means defeating an enemy. Eating a mutton’s head means profit. To eat mutton is not a good sign: hostile people will outrage […]

Midwife Dream

  A midwife means a sign of the big illness. To be a midwife means you will be helping other people, slander for a young woman. Midwife means difficult birth process for woman, for a girl means constancy in love; for a man means adultery from the woman he loves. If you would like to […]

Mess Dream

  To see mess means people will not be nice with you. To see your home messy and you can not manage it means you will have to work hard, but results will be fruitful. If you see someone else’s home messy it means grieve and loss of money. If you can not find something […]

Medical Test Dream

  To do medical tests means you worry about something. If you worry about results of the medical tests means you should not be worrying, you will win in any case. If you would like to learn more about your Medical Test Dream get your personal Dream Interpretation by clicking below.   If you liked […]

Marsh Dream

  To see a marsh means poor life and hard work. To stuck in a marsh means to be a victim of deception. To see a marsh means rich life. To walk on a marsh means you will be slandered. To wander in a marsh means you should be afraid of a danger. To fall […]

Madness Dream

  To see a mad man means inconstant friends and murky end of your plans for the bright future. For a young woman to see a mad man means disappointment in marriage. To be a mad man yourself means troubles or illness. To see a mad man means happiness in this year. To see many […]

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