Floor Dream

Floor Dream – General meaning Floor dream means care and support from others. You should notice details of the floor to understand what this dream symbol may mean for you. For example, floor can be slippery. It would mean that you do not feel yourself secure when walking on it. It also may mean that […]

Fox Dream

Fox Dream Aesop Dream dictionary – Fox Dream Fox Dream symbolizes such bad human traits like deceit, cunning and hypocrisy. This sly animal is a hero of many proverbs and sayings, and all of them are in any way reflect the quality of the fox:  “Fox will hold seven wolves,” “When you look for a fox […]

Flowers Dream

  White flowers mean sadness. Too see a beautiful and bright bunch of flowers means getting inheritance from unknown relative. A bunch of roses means long happiness; for young people it means pleasant gatherings. Withered bunch of flowers means illness. To see a bunch of flowers means meeting pleasant people. To make a bouquet of […]

Fleas Dream

  For a woman to see fleas mean slander from friends. To see fleas on a lover means he or she is infidel. To see fleas means you will receive money. To catch fleas means troubles. To kill fleas means to defeat enemies. To be bitten by fleas means disaster. If you would like to […]

Fish Tank Dream

  For a young woman to see a big fish tank with the beautiful fish means you will get married with the wealthy man, but will not be happy in your marriage. A cat, trying to catch a fish from the fish tank means that your frivolous behavior may cause many problems. To change water […]

Fish Fillet Dream

  To buy a cured fish fillet means happy completion of something you are doing. To cut a cured fish fillet means wealth and fame will not bring satisfaction to you. To eat cured fish fillet means difficulties and challenges. If you would like to learn more about your Fish Fillet, Cured Dream get your […]

Feet Dream

  To have bare feet means losses or illness. To walk with bare feet on the dew means good health. If you feel grass pricks your bare fee means you should beware of enemies. For a woman to walk with bare feet on the edge of water means success in everything. Trace of bare foot […]

Fable Dream

  To read a fable or listen a fable means wedding in our family. To tell a fable means gossips. To read or tell a fable means pleasant writing work. For young people reading or telling a fable means romantic affairs. If you would like to learn more about your Fable Dream get your personal […]

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