Toilet Dream

Toilet Dream – General Meaning If you see a toilet dream means you should get rid of everything you do not need in life. In general, a toilet is a place of getting cleaner and healthier, getting rid of worries and troubles. There is however a negative meaning of that dream. It simply may mean […]

Door Dream

Door Dream – General Meaning Door dream means you have a good chance for travelling or to learn more about your personality. Open door means signal to start something. From the other hand shut door means you would better to wait. Door is one of the most powerful symbol in the dreams. Why is that? […]

Floor Dream

Floor Dream – General meaning Floor dream means care and support from others. You should notice details of the floor to understand what this dream symbol may mean for you. For example, floor can be slippery. It would mean that you do not feel yourself secure when walking on it. It also may mean that […]

Dresser Dream

Dresser Dream – General meaning Dresser dream means fight and misunderstanding. It may mean that you will disclose a secret. After such dream you may get into the conflict. Such dream may also mean love affairs. For spiritual people such dream means understanding of your mission in the life. For such peole it may also […]

Tower Dream

  To take stairs up the tower means fortune in everything. To climb the tower means success. If a tower destoryed straigh after you descented it means disappointment. To stand between ruins of a tower means rash actions will destroy your hapiness. To jump from the high rise tower and survive means you should take […]

Tablecloths Dream

  White table cloth means losses, strokes of bad luck. If you would like to learn more about your Tablecloths Dream get your personal Dream Interpretation by clicking below.   If you liked this Dream Interpretation please share it with your friends.  

Pin Dream

  To see pins means misunderstanding between relatives. For a woman to see pins means warning about rude attitude of a man she loves to herself. To swallow a pin means you will have to take a risk. To lose a pin means small loss. Bended or rusty pin means you may lose respect due […]

Laundry Dream

  To see laundry drying on the rack means you are inclined to flaunt your sexual success. To see clean bedding in a cabinet means well being. Yellow sheets means misunderstanding between spouses. Torn sheets means you will be defeated. Dirty sheets means squabbles at home. Rusty spots on sheets means you should expect guests. […]

Lamp Shade Dream

  Cleaning a lamp-shade – problems with the reproductive organs or latent desire to change a partner. Choosing a lamp-shade – the choice of the sexual partner is challenging for you. To receive a lamp-shade as a gift – someone, sexually interested in you will demonstrate his or her interest. To see a lamp-shade – […]

Hammam Dream

  Public hammam means a trouble or loss. A hammam without water means troubles caused by a woman. To be in a Turkish bath house means unexpected illness. To see others washing themselves in a bath means interesting company. To steam yourself in a bath means happiness and pleasures. To come out of a bath […]

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