Toilet Dream

Toilet Dream – General Meaning If you see a toilet dream means you should get rid of everything you do not need in life. In general, a toilet is a place of getting cleaner and healthier, getting rid of worries and troubles. There is however a negative meaning of that dream. It simply may mean troubles. Some interpret a dream where you fall into the toilet hole as a sign you will receive money. Excrements mean to receive gold. While building a toilet means respect. Toilet Dream – Maya Dream dictionary There might be a good and a bad meaning of such dream: Good meaning: if you had a dream where you visited the opposite sex toilet, it means you will meet an interesting person. It will happen after you will see a falling star. Bad meaning: if you see...

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Door Dream

Door Dream – General Meaning Door dream means you have a good chance for travelling or to learn more about your personality. Open door means signal to start something. From the other hand shut door means you would better to wait. Door is one of the most powerful symbol in the dreams. Why is that? Door in the dreams mean new chance to know more about yourself or to start an adventure. Also it is a sign that you started new phase in your life. Door Dream – Maya Dream dictionary Good meaning. If you see an open door means you are close to the new discoveries. If you want to let it start rather earlier than later wear socks of the different colours. Bad meaning. If you see a shut door it means serious problem, which you could hardly solve on your own....

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Floor Dream

Floor Dream – General meaning Floor dream means care and support from others. You should notice details of the floor to understand what this dream symbol may mean for you. For example, floor can be slippery. It would mean that you do not feel yourself secure when walking on it. It also may mean that you are not able to act without preparing back up plans. Hard and beautiful floor in your drreams means good support and back up. Thin and swinging floor means that someone who you trust the most may betray you. Generally such dream may also mean: health and healthy relationship wet floor means misunderstanding and separation building new floow means illness mopping floor means death complete building floor means death Floor Dream – Maya Dream dictionary...

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Dresser Dream

Dresser Dream – General meaning Dresser dream means fight and misunderstanding. It may mean that you will disclose a secret. After such dream you may get into the conflict. Such dream may also mean love affairs. For spiritual people such dream means understanding of your mission in the life. For such peole it may also mean spiritual practices. Dresser dream means that you want to understand whether you can impress other people. Generally a dream with a dresser means: disclosing secrets fighting misunderstanding Dresser Dream – Modern Dream dictionary Dream where you see a dresser means that you will know a lot of interesting things soon and such information will be overwhelming. If you see yourself in a dresser mirror it means that something was kept...

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Iron Dream

Italian Dream Dictionary – Iron Dream The iron has a meaning of a device for smoothing , giving a socially acceptable form , as well as an object that can burn and cause damage. Iron Dream symbolizes a negative effect of the super ego , submission to the requirements and desires of someone else and attempts to look better than you are. Women Dream Dictionary – Iron Dream Iron in a dream often reflects your everyday worries . If you are pressing clothes for someone else, it is a symbol of a conflict and submission. Erotic Dream Dictionary – Iron Dream If you dream you bought the iron, it indicates dissatisfaction with your sexual desires. Iron also may mean that you have accumulated too much unspent passion and love . If you see clothes burned...

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Tower Dream

  To take stairs up the tower means fortune in everything. To climb the tower means success. If a tower destoryed straigh after you descented it means disappointment. To stand between ruins of a tower means rash actions will destroy your hapiness. To jump from the high rise tower and survive means you should take an important decision. A tower is a symbol of the power and might. To see a pointed tower means you overestimated your capabiliies and underestimated rivals. If you see a tower which is impossible to come close to means you will meet a very important person, politician or tycoon. If you see a reinfoced tower means you will gain big power and influence. If you see a destroying power means big changes are coming. If you see a reined in tower with...

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