Snake Dream

Snake Dream – General meaning Snake dream normaly warns you about evil in all shapes and forms. If a young woman sees that a dead snake bites her, such dream means she should be careful with a person who she thinks is her friend. If you see a twisting snake it means you will have […]

Fox Dream

Fox Dream Aesop Dream dictionary – Fox Dream Fox Dream symbolizes such bad human traits like deceit, cunning and hypocrisy. This sly animal is a hero of many proverbs and sayings, and all of them are in any way reflect the quality of the fox:  “Fox will hold seven wolves,” “When you look for a fox […]

Monster Dream

Family Dream dictionary – Monster Dream If you see a monster,, an animal with many tusks of unusual shape and color it means you should expect many interesting and unexpected things in your life soon. If the monster is trying to attack you, be careful, it is possible that someone is collecting compromising information about you […]

Spider Dream

Denise Lynn Dream Dictionary – Spider Dream Generally a spider means productivity.The web, which spider weaves symbolizes creative power of the universe. The spiderweb growth spirally from the center to the edges. Indians often say that the universe is the spiderweb. To see 8 spider legs is for getting more assets, which will be result of […]

Zebra Dream

Kids’ dream dictionary – Zebra Dream It is easy: zebra in your dreams means your life will not go smooth, but instead will be row of good and bad luck strips. Esoteric dream dictionary – Zebra Dream If you see a zebra in your dreams it means exotic travelling. Esop’s dream dictionary – Zebra Dream Due […]

Wolf Dream

Wolf Dream – Islamic dream dictionary This is what wolf dream means in the Islamic dictionary: If a fierce wolf is sitting without move means constructive meeting with the government servant. Also if you see a wolf eating meet means you will be in a situation, which is disadvantageous for you. Slavyan dream dictionary A […]

Squirrel Dream

  To see a squirell means friends will visit you soon. To pat a squirell means hapiness in a family life. To kill a squirell means loneliness and hostility from other people. To see a dog chasing a squirell means breaking up and misunderstanding with friends. To see a squirell means unexpected happy event. If […]

Sheep Dream

  To catch a sheep means you will be involved in a lawsuit. To lead a sheep to home means joy. To kill a sheep means illness, disaster. If a sheep transforms into a pig means you will have a guest. To see a sheep means success. To catch a sheep means you will overcome […]

Shark Dream

  A shark means that your partner dictates you his rules in the relationships, without asking your opinion. If you are attacked by a shark means that hostile people trying to hurt you. Shark iin the water means that enemies are awaiting a good moment to attack you, so do not trust new people in […]

Rabbit Dream

Rabbit Dream General Dream Meaning – Rabbit Dream Rabbit Dream meaning.  Rabbit is a symbol of fertility, sexuality, the role of victim, tender, weak, vulnerable, unprotected part of the dreamer. If a rabbit bites you it means your should be careful to be deceived by a close friend. It also may mean the high level […]

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