Inappropriately Dressed

Inappropriately Dressed Dream – General meaning In many cases dreamers see themselves nude in the public places. See the article Nude Dream. Otherwise see the meaning of an inappropriately dressed dream below. Did you see the dream where you came to the public place (often on the way to the important meeting)? And suddenly understand […]

Door Dream

Door Dream – General Meaning Door dream means you have a good chance for travelling or to learn more about your personality. Open door means signal to start something. From the other hand shut door means you would better to wait. Door is one of the most powerful symbol in the dreams. Why is that? […]

Dresser Dream

Dresser Dream – General meaning Dresser dream means fight and misunderstanding. It may mean that you will disclose a secret. After such dream you may get into the conflict. Such dream may also mean love affairs. For spiritual people such dream means understanding of your mission in the life. For such peole it may also […]

Drum Dream

  To beat a drum means you will get a visitor from overseas. Loud sounds of a drum means happiness, wealth, successful career. To see a drum, but not hear its sounds means disaster. To hear sounds of a drum means your friend is in troubles and calls you for help. For seamen, fishermen, peasants […]

Pharmacy Dream

  To come to the pharmacy means you or your relatives will require help. If you can not find a medication in the pharmacy means you should rely only on yourself. If you are sick and see a pharmacy means you will recover soon. If you healthy and see a pharmacy means you will be […]

Donkey Dream

  White donkey means long success. White swans means prosperity and well-being. If you would like to learn more about your Donkey Dream get your personal Dream Interpretation by clicking below.   If you liked this Dream Interpretation please share it with your friends.  

Dog Dream

Dog Dream General Meaning – Dog Dream White dog means you will receive an attractive offer. Assyrian dream dictionary – Dog Dream To become a dog means your household is under the risk of suffering and pain. To meet a dog means happiness. If you see dogs fighting for a bone you might get disappointed […]

Divinity Dream

  If divinity blesses you it means you will get wrath sign from the God. If divinity curses you it means you prays to the God will be heard. To meet a divinity means additional income. To talk to a divinity means you will have a child with noble blood. If you would like to […]

Disease Dream

  Serious disease means disaster, non serious disease means problems will pass you over. To see yourself sick means happy event. To see a sick man singing means big disaster. To see a sick person who cry and then laugh means you will get well. Tooth pain means someone close to you annoys you. Pain […]

Disaster Dream

  If you see yourself in a disaster it means positive changes in your life. To try to avoid a disaster for you and your relatives means you will be able to overcome any disaster. If you would like to learn more about your Disaster Dream get your personal Dream Interpretation by clicking below.   […]

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