Braid Dream

General Meaning – Braid Dream Braid is the most common hairstyle from long hair. In the ancient times (and in some places even now) braids are worn by both men and women, and now fashion is booming with various styles of braiding. The main symbols associated with the hair braid reflects the internal energy of person and connection […]

Balloon Dream

Miller’s dream dictionary To kite a air balloon means splitting career growth. If you see yourself flying in a air balloon means unfortunate journey. Modern dream dictionary To see a balloon means unusual events or news. If you see flying in a air balloon means success in business. Air balloon hanging in one place means […]

Butterfly Dream

  To enjoying watching flying butterflies means you want to have kids. Butterfly is a good sign. Many butterflies means news from someone far from you. For a young woman many butterflies means falling in love, which will end up with the happy marriage. If butterfly flies among flowers it means wealth and prosperity. Catching […]

Bus Station Dream

  If you can not find your bus at the bus station and scared about it means that you will be offered a new job, which will be very different from what you were doing before. For the young woman such dream means that she does not understand situation in the team which she works […]

Bus Dream

  To drive a bus means that you will have an interesting journey looking for happiness and luck. Empty bus means wasting time in conversations. Waiting a bus means that you are hoping to meet someone, who will become your spouse. To take a bus means that you are tired to be lonely and started […]

Roll Dream

  To buy a bun means profit. To cut a bun means you will be able to save an achievement. To see a bun means visitors. To eat a bun means good health, profit. To bake a bun means joy, profit. For a poor person to buy a bun means profit; for a rich one […]

Bulldog Dream

  If a bulldog is friendly to you it means success in life. If a bulldog attacks you it means problems with law. To see a bulldog means soon you will get someone who will protect you. If you would like to learn more about your Bulldog Dream get your personal Dream Interpretation by clicking […]

Bull Dream

  To touch a bull means your home will be prosperous. If a bull is going up a mountain it means big hapineess and success. To kill a bull means wealth and fame. To eat bull’s meat means profit from commercial enterprise. Well fed bull means you will become a leader. A bull on a […]

Buffoonery Dream

  To see buffoonery means something you will waste time for. To act in buffoonery means difficulties. To see buffoonery means change of the living place or job. To in in the noisy buffoonery means you will get an expensive gift. If you would like to learn more about your Buffoonery Dream get your personal […]

Buffalo Dream

A buffalo coming into a house means mourning. To see buffalos means appearance of the powerful, but not too smart enemies. If buffalo hurt you with his horns it means bad luck and financial problems. To kill or injure a buffalo means you will defeat a strong enemy.     If you would like to […]

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