Floor Dream

Floor Dream – General meaning Floor dream means care and support from others. You should notice details of the floor to understand what this dream symbol may mean for you. For example, floor can be slippery. It would mean that you do not feel yourself secure when walking on it. It also may mean that […]

Dresser Dream

Dresser Dream – General meaning Dresser dream means fight and misunderstanding. It may mean that you will disclose a secret. After such dream you may get into the conflict. Such dream may also mean love affairs. For spiritual people such dream means understanding of your mission in the life. For such peole it may also […]

Necklace Dream

Necklace Dream – Autumn Dream dictionary Necklace dream where a man who loves you gives you a necklace means your relationship with this man will not be long. Necklace Dream – Summer Dream dictionary Dream where you see necklace on your neck means a small inexpensive gift from a man. Necklace Dream – Woman Dream […]

Snake Dream

Snake Dream – General meaning Snake dream normaly warns you about evil in all shapes and forms. If a young woman sees that a dead snake bites her, such dream means she should be careful with a person who she thinks is her friend. If you see a twisting snake it means you will have […]

Most Common Dream Themes and Dream Meaning

You’re in your bedroom looking for your favorite necklace. You check behind the dresser thinking maybe it fell through the cracks. Running your hand along the floor, you hit something round and cold…it looks like an old doorknob protruding from the wall. You open the door and are stunned as you enter a beautiful arched […]

Potato Dream

Potato Dream – General Meaning Seeing potato in the dream says about potential cisrcumstances, which would be rather unfortunate. If you dig out potato means success. Eating potato is a sign of a potential benefits in something, while cooking it means new good job. If you see yourself planting potato then you should expect that […]

Indian Dream

For the purpose of this article an Indian mean a person, living in India Russian Dream Dictionary – Indian Dream To see an Indian in your dream may mean: Romantic Nostalgia To be scared of something You want to be prominent and show to other people that you special person You may have supernatural talents, […]

Wedding Dream

Esop Dream Dictionary – Wedding Dream The Wedding Dream – There are a lot of emotions associated with this wonderful event in a one’s life as well as many signs, which may interpret the new couple’s future: “The snow and  rain on the wedding ceremony means rich life”, “Beautiful weather on a wedding day means […]

Pumpkin Dream

Pumpkin Dream Modern Dream Dictionary – Pumpkin Dream To see a Pumpkin Dream is for the quiet, comfortable life at home. To dream of a pumpkin  means that you have a mature idea that promises to be very fruitful in the right circumstances. But you’re afraid that you will not be able to implement it alone. Do not […]

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