Tooth Dream

Tooth dream is one of the most frequent and emotionally impacting dreams. See various interpretations of this dream here. General Dream meaning – Tooth Dream Firstly, if you like your white beautiful teeth means you will be satisfied by your achievements. Secondly, in case if you see child’s teeth it may have following meanings: Where those are teeth of your child then you will do something regrettable. Smooth faced healthy teeth of your child mean good life. While seeing loose teeth while your child sleeps means little troubles. If you see calf’s teeth of the little child and they fell, it means new life cycle and evolution. Thirdly, the interpretation of the dream where teeth fall and chip is that you work hard to get achievements, but you...

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Panic Dream

Panic Dream – General meaning Seeing Panic Dream means that in the real life you are not sure that you make right decisions. You are scared to take responsibilities. However you will be able to cope with them. If you see a child in the crowed who is in panic, it means you are keeping an unpleasant memories from childhood. If you feel panic in the dreams and do not understand the cause of it, then in real life you should expect a financial audit or inspection. There is another meaning of this dream: panic dream means surprises in the business trip. You are relying on good luck, but things will go unpredictably. Panic Dream – Modern Dream dictionary Panic occurs when you feel that you do not have sufficient resources to cope with the situation. Hence...

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Exam Dream

Exam Dream – General Meaning Exam Dream means you should revise your views as it seems they are wrong. To be at exam in your dream means that in reality you are preparing to something important, requiring mobilisation of all you energy. Therefore it is not surprising why you had such a dream. Your life and prosperity will depend on how well you will pass the exam in your dream Another meaning of exam dream is that you will achieve your goals after the fierce fighting. Oriental Dream dictionary If in the real life you are not having exams, than exam in the dream predicts an important challenge. You will have to deal with them and solve them with proud. Exam Dream – Freud Dream dictionary Having exam in the dream means that one of your friends or...

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Toilet Dream

Toilet Dream – General Meaning If you see a toilet dream means you should get rid of everything you do not need in life. In general, a toilet is a place of getting cleaner and healthier, getting rid of worries and troubles. There is however a negative meaning of that dream. It simply may mean troubles. Some interpret a dream where you fall into the toilet hole as a sign you will receive money. Excrements mean to receive gold. While building a toilet means respect. Toilet Dream – Maya Dream dictionary There might be a good and a bad meaning of such dream: Good meaning: if you had a dream where you visited the opposite sex toilet, it means you will meet an interesting person. It will happen after you will see a falling star. Bad meaning: if you see...

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Inappropriately Dressed

Inappropriately Dressed Dream – General meaning In many cases dreamers see themselves nude in the public places. See the article Nude Dream. Otherwise see the meaning of an inappropriately dressed dream below. Did you see the dream where you came to the public place (often on the way to the important meeting)? And suddenly understand that you are inappropriately dressed. Some part of your clothes are ok. But you miss some others or they are inappropriate for a particular event. You might wear either a bright colour hat in combination with the office suit. Otherwise you may wear just wrong boots. In other cases you may wear someone else’s clothes and you feel awkward in them. Inappropriately Dressed Dream – Walles Dream dictionary When you see a...

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