Iron Dream

Iron Dream

Iron Dream

Iron Dream – General meaning

Iron dream means you are tired and need rest.

Iron is a appliance, which is used in every house and an “enemy” of the housewives. If you see such dream, then you probably comparing yourself with Cinderella and looking for changes in your life.

Iron is also a symbol of the conflict and submission, if you press something for someone and not for yourself in your dream

Usually the iron dream is simply reflection of your daily routines. So please look at your life from the side – probably it is time for changes.

Iron Dream – Noble Dream dictionary

Warm or hot iron means something good. Cold iron means bad luck

Iron Dream – Family Dream dictionary

To press something in your dreams means cozy and happy home. To be burned by iron means sickness or jealousy. To burn clothes with an iron means you will get a rival. Cold iron in your dreams means that someone is not completely sincere with you.

Iron Dream – Psychological Dream dictionary

Iron in the dreams is a symbol of your social role and true you. Such dream says that your personality is under pressure from other people and your attempts to look better in their eyes, which is damaging for your and does not meet your real needs.

Iron Dream – Chinese Dream dictionary

Very warm iron in the dream means that something you started will complete successfully. To press clothes means relocation in the future and big hapiness.

To press sheets or duvet covers means you will receive gift. If you press your own clothes means win in the lottery or in the gambling machine.

Iron Dream – Freud Dream dictionary

To be burned with an iron in the dream means that you have done something bad to someone, who you do not know very well. This person did not do anything bad to you so your bad feelings towards him or her do not have any ground.

If the iron falls down on the floor then it means that you may say wrong things to someone who you love in a rage. It may cause serious misunderstanding. Neither you nor your partner will be seeking for peace.

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