Iron Dream

Iron Dream

Iron Dream

Italian Dream Dictionary – Iron Dream

The iron has a meaning of a device for smoothing , giving a socially acceptable form , as well as an object that can burn and cause damage. Iron Dream symbolizes a negative effect of the super ego , submission to the requirements and desires of someone else and attempts to look better than you are.

Women Dream Dictionary – Iron Dream

Iron in a dream often reflects your everyday worries . If you are pressing clothes for someone else, it is a symbol of a conflict and submission.

Erotic Dream Dictionary – Iron Dream

If you dream you bought the iron, it indicates dissatisfaction with your sexual desires. Iron also may mean that you have accumulated too much unspent passion and love . If you see clothes burned during ironing it shows your impatience , which is reaching up to despair. Probably during some time you have been satisfying yourself sexually , which led to the formation of psychological complexes and now they affect you.

Freud Dream Dictionary – Iron Dream

If you burned something with your iron in the dream it means that you made acted dishonestly against the person who you do not know very well , but that person did not do anything bad to you , so your antipathy is completely groundless . Drop the iron on the floor means that you may say wrong thing to the loved one when you are in anger or frustration, and this, of course , can lead to a quite serious fight. Neither you nor your partner will want to make a first step to solve the issue.

Chinese Dream Dictionary – Iron Dream

If you see yourself pressing linen with an iron it means that your firmly decided to complete something you started previously. To see a very hot iron in your dream means successful completion of the valuable enterprise. The cold iron means loss or bad luck. An iron generally means news.

Modern Dream Dictionary – Iron Dream

To see an iron in your dream means problems at work.

Hasse Dream Dictionary – Iron Dream

Iron in your dream means profit or win in lottery or by any other way.

Psychology Dream Dictionary – Iron Dream

Iron is the object of the daily life and one the biggest enemies of housewives. Comparing yourself with Cinderella , you have probably asked yourself are there any changes in my life anticipated? Iron is also a symbol of conflict if you are pressing clothes for someone else. But as a rule , iron dream is a simply reflection of your everyday worries . Therefore, if you feel that your life is boring,  then maybe it’s time to make it different?

Esoteric Dream Dictionary – Iron Dream

Iron in your dream means improvement of your life.

Solomon Dream Dictionary – Iron Dream

Iron in your dream means hard exhausting work.

Family Dream Dictionary – Iron Dream

Iron Dream means that soon you will be strongly criticized, but even though you may feel shame, such critic will be fair.

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