Money Dream

Money Dream

Money Dream
Money Dream

Noble Dream dictionary – Money Dream

  • To see large amounts of money in a dream means insufficient or reducing income.
  • Large amounts of paper money means good news or realization of desires.
  • Receive money in the dream may mean anxiety or loss. You shall expect trouble.
  • To pay money means  a reward for diligence.
  • To lose money means a small setback.
  • To find and count money means troubles or lose of happiness.
  • To collect money means a loss.
  • To see counterfeit money may be a signal of lies and the harm or waste of time for useless.
  • The bag with the money means a long life after retirement.
  • For a man: to see how he receives salary means ingratitude, contempt from his wife.
  • To pay salary to someone may mean a long separation period.

Aesop Dream dictionary – Money Dream

  • Oddly enough, but for a long time it was believed that to dream of coins portends tears. This applies not only to copper or silver coins, but also to the gold once.  Paper money has  opposite money.
  • To dream that money bills with the high value go out from your purse every hour means that you do not want to spend money, because you think that you are offered an unsuccessful business, which not only will not bring you profit, but also will take everything you have. It also may mean that there will be the person in your circle, whom you find richer than you and able to strike at your financial affairs; or lead to the breakdown of the contract, which will cause great material costs for you.
  • Seeing a wad of money, which is given to a dog for sniffing, but the dog can not find the owner of money, means that you have a hidden hope that something illegal will not be found and will not harm your business; you stand between choices to get money and to have a quiet life.
  • To dream of a relative who does not want to return your money back means that you should expect a warm meeting with someone you have not been seeing for a long time or that you will meet a distant relative whom you do not know yet.
  • Borrow money in the dream is a signal of excessive anxiety, the worrying of something, which does not exist, inadequate assessment of the situation.
  • To see yourself surrounded by people demanding money from you and declaring that you owe money to them, means that you should be beware of “easy money” and “profitable” projects, it may also mean that for some time you should not rely on people whom you trust completely.
  • To dream of a very good friend who has come to ask for a large sum of money means that you should try to prevent an argument with those who you are most afraid of losing, and with whom you were too sincere.
  • To see yourself lost all money via gambling means that you should beware of strangers.
  • Seeing yourself repaying a debt means that you will experience stormy adventure that will give you a lot of painful moments, but will end up well, if you act prudently.
  • To dream that you are risking your life for money, means that you are deceived, beware of disappointment, avoid disclosing personal details in conversations with those who are not your good friends.
  • To dream of a cash hoard, in which the coins are so fragile that one touch makes them crumble is a sign of useless promises, wasted efforts,  unrealistic hopes.
  • Seeing yourself in an empty house, which belongs to a person, who owes you a large sum of money, is a sign of an unexpected changes in the affairs that previously went smoothly and without problems.
  • Counting the money earned by your friend means you may face a shortage of cash, and it will put you in a very awkward position.

Oriental Dream dictionary – Money Dream

Paper money and bills in your dream mean a long journey, which will occur very soon. Small change and coins are to tears.

Chinese Dream dictionary – Money Dream

  • To repay money to someone means getting rid of a disease.
  • To find money on the floor is for the good luck.
  • Money Dream in spring or summer means fortune. Money Dream in autumn or winter means bad luck.
  • Dividing the family assets may mean a separation.
  • To receive paper money from someone means a lot of luck.

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