Monster Dream

Monster Dream
Monster Dream

Family Dream dictionary – Monster Dream

If you see a monster,, an animal with many tusks of unusual shape and color it means you should expect many interesting and unexpected things in your life soon. If the monster is trying to attack you, be careful, it is possible that someone is collecting compromising information about you or you will get the bad news. Such Monster Dream cautions you that you should not try to find out information, which you was looking for a long time, especially with use of illegal methods: your actions will turn against you. To see a friendly Monster means that you will get a lot of good news and be able to enjoy your achievements. Friendly monster also means that you will get aware about something, hidden from you for a long time, but the news will be joyful. Such dream predicts success.

Modern Dream dictionary – Monster Dream

To see a Monster Dream where a monster is chasing you means being in troubles. If you can kill the monster it means success in business.

Esoteric Dream dictionary – Monster Dream

Monster Dream means that you are driven by stereotypes and behavioral clichés. Find yourself!

General meaning – Monster Dream

Very ambiguous predictions await all who have seen the Monster in a dream. A dreamed monster symbolizes fears, phobias and complexes, which are poisoning your real life. However, there are other interpretations of the monster seen in a dream. Some interpretations assume that the monster means various social stereotypes and dogmas, which you should follow in reality.

According to one version of the monster dream interpretation, a monster, which appeared in your dreams, means your own subconscious. Usually “monsters”means fears, phobias and complexes that you have created for yourself. If the dream is repeated with regular intervals, and there is the same monster in such dream, then the best thing for you is to visit a qualified psychologist who can help you to understand and settle such subconscious fear.

Sometimes a monster in your dream may mean that you have a despotic father.

There is a theory that different kinds of monsters that occasionally appear in the dream mean that in you real life you are exposed by social norms, stereotypes and dogmas, which you have to comply with. In addition, it is believed that a “monster” may be a a heavy-handed father figure. Typically, these associations are formed in early childhood. Think about it and analyze: at what point in our life you have started dreaming about monsters, and whether the appearance of them has a direct connection with your relationship with your father.

Those people who have good imagination should unnderstand themselves before trying to interpret a Monster Dream. Such dream may be caused by your recently watched movie, which contained a monster. Such interpretation is true for people who spend long hours playing computer games. For you the appearance monsters and other characters in your dream are directly linked to gaming addiction. Such dreams do not require interpretation and analysis. Importantly, what you should concentrate on is that you are overly sensitive and emotional. In reality, you should minimize the time spent playing computer game.

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