Rabbit Dream

Rabbit Dream
Rabbit Dream

General Dream Meaning – Rabbit Dream

Rabbit Dream meaning.  Rabbit is a symbol of fertility, sexuality, the role of victim, tender, weak, vulnerable, unprotected part of the dreamer.

If a rabbit bites you it means your should be careful to be deceived by a close friend. It also may mean the high level of your sexuality.

Italian Dream dictionary – Rabbit Dream

Rabbit in Dream Dictionary.  The rabbit symbolises the development of something causing reduction of personality (loss of value). Rabbits are extremely prolific creatures, and therefore the seeing a rabbit in a dream may mean fears of sexual inadequacy, fear, or desire to be a parent. If a man sees a woman taking care of rabbits, it means that he thinks that she is sexy and has desire to possess her.

Women Dream dictionary – Rabbit Dream

Rabbits in a dream promise a happy turn of circumstances and a significant increase in assets. White rabbits mean love for married and fidelity for singles. If you dream you see jumping rabbits it means the birth of children will bring great joy to you.

Family Dream dictionary – Rabbit Dream

If you see a rabbit, forced in the corner it means someone will hurt a person who you love. If a rabbit is running on the road it means bad luck: if you had such dream in the first half of the week, it says that you that your worries have a ground. If you had that dream from Monday to Tuesday it means your fears, fortunately, will not realise and the bad situation, in which you got, will have happy ending. If you had that dream during the second half of the week such dream warns you about potential illness: see a doctor and do medical tests, it is better not to delay with that.

Family Dream dictionary – Rabbit Dream

Dreaming of a white rabbit foretells success, black – upset because someone’s bad attitude. If you dream that you kill a rabbit you should expect a loss (loss), but if you eat rabbit meat the dream promises you a long good health.
Rabbit or hare means that you feel unsure when discussing cases with your boss, and such lack of confidence will reduce your professional capabilities in the eyes of your boss. But do not be discouraged if it was a Friday night dream. You’ll find a way out of the situation and be able to restore your credibility. If the rabbit will turn into a someone you know, think about it: you probably know something about this person, and such knowledge makes him/her scared. However you should not use other people’s weaknesses to achieve your goals. Dream Interpretation Rabbit – Seeing a rabbit with many kids means incredible profits.

Hasse Dream dictionary – Rabbit Dream

Rabbit Dream Interpretation.  If you see a rabbit it means false friends want to harm you; if you eat it it means well-being; white joy; Black sadness.

Jewish Dream dictionary – Rabbit Dream

Dream analysis: rabbit means profit.

Love Dream dictionary – Rabbit Dream

If you  see white rabbits, you will not  be disappointed by someone who you love and this person will remain faithful till the end.

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