Beat Dream


If you are beaten by someone means problems and misunderstanding in family life. To beat a child means you got undesrved advantage over someone.

To beat yourself means you will achieve your goal. To be beaten means well beeing. To see someone beaten means you will regret about something. To see fighting people means you will be a witness in a court.

To beat husband means his love to you is sincere and deep. To beat a lover means your secret attraction to someone will be disclosed soon.

To beat a child means troubles. If wife beats husband it means illness. If husband beats wife it means you should wait guests soon.

If husband beats wife it means he will get proof of her infidelity. If wife beats husband it means illness or treason. If woman see she beats her husband it means she is afraid of him. If you beaten someone or animal to blood it means big losses, emotional pain, grieve and tears. If you beaten a powerful and important person it means lossess and troubles. To beat yourself means your conscience is not clear and repentance will help you. If you see yourself beaten, but wihout wounds or blood it means happy end in what you are doing, success. If you see someone you do not know beaten it means you will regret about your frivolous behaviour and making decision without proper analysis. If you want to beat someone who deserves it,it means you have a strong urge to restore justice. If you have it done it means victory over enemies and success in business.

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