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Why do we sleep? Why do we see dreams? Scientists are still working on the hypothesis and on justifications. Some says we sleep to avoid overheating of our body. Others say that sleeping is required for consolidation of memory. It is becoming even more complex when explanation of reason of the dreams is proposed. Dreaming may be required to work on our latent sexual wishes and aggressive impulses, as it was suggested by Freud. Or it may help to deal with all displaces emotions and thoughts. Or it is just chaotic process, which is rudimentary and have no meaning at all. Where is the truth?

There are more questions than answers. With the rapid development of the neuroscience and coming soon decoding of the human genome, we might see many answers in the nearest future. But will they give you answer when you wake up in the morning relaxed after the amazing date with the unbelievably beautiful girl or handsome man? Or you wake up in sweat and shaking from the scaring dragon chasing you in the mountains?

The truth is that we do not know the answer. And the unknown causes negative emotions: fear, anxiety, and depression. We prefer to know bad news, rather than living in uncertainty. This is why thousands years ago human beings tried to understand meaning of their dreams. There are legends, confirming that structured interpretation of the night dreams already existed in Zoroastrian times.

I tried to combine as many interpretation as possible, and working to develop our dream dictionary on the daily basis. Here you can find interpretations, which allegedly suggested by followers of Freud, Zoroastrians, Slavic, Miller and also from other sources. Some of them are from my family and friends.

When you find a meaning, which is supported by multiple interpretation, use the one with the most positive meaning. This is another important tip, which would help you to deal with your dreams in a right way.

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